2016 Calendars

The 2016 "Theme-Of-The-Year" Printable Calendars are here!

What better way to keep your intentions front and center throughout the year than a calendar?

Now you also get an 8x10 printable of your theme with every 2016 year-at-a-glance calendar!

Available as PDF & JPG, LETTER size (sunday start) or A4 size (monday start)

Pick Your Theme For 2016!

Chose one powerful word to guide you through the year.

Instead of setting goals or New Year's resolutions, picking a single theme to focus on throughout the year can be extremely powerful.


Popular Calendars:


More Calendars Are Coming soon!

Can't find your theme? More calendars are coming throughout January! If you subscribe to NinkaStudio we'll notify you when new ones are being added. You can also suggest themes you're looking for, and we'll bump them up the priority list!